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Flexible Ceramic Pad Heater CP10 (60v, 2.7kW)

Ideal for the pre- and post-heat of welds, this 60v (2.7kW) flexible ceramic pad heater measures 255mm H x 205mm W and has a maximum working temperature of 1000°C.  The Tail Beads and 60A Brass Connector Plug (Male Camlock) Complete Set measures 470mm in length.


1 pc
Flexible Ceramic Pad Heaters

Modular designs enable our Flexible Ceramic Pad Heaters to be composed in a number of configurations to suit a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Non-standard sizes are also available so please contact us for these bespoke items.

Composed of Nickel-Chrome wire inter-woven throughout the various configurations of Ceramic Beads, Brass Connector Plugs (Male Camlock) are used at the end of the Tail Beads to connect to Heat Treatment Units.

Available in 30v (1.35kW), 40v (1.8kW), 60v (2.7kw) or 80v (3.6kW), the Flexible Ceramic Pad Heaters are suitable for heat treatment of up to 1000°C.

Their flexible structure allows them to be used in either a curved or flat application for the pre- and post-heat treatment of welds. Flexible Ceramic Pad Heaters should be fitted to the component by banding or other secure means. All connectors should also be fully locked.