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Compensating Cable

Compensating cables are designed for interconnection between thermocouple cable and control and recording instrumentation.  Suitable for use with Type K Thermocouples.  Each roll has 100m length of cable.

  • Dimensions of Roll: 135 H x 200 W x 200 D mm
  • Length of Cable: 100m
  • Wire Dimensions: 4mm H x 6mm D
  • Weight: 4kg
  • Materials: 2 sets of 13 x 0.2mm Copper/Constantan
  • Colour: Outer Jacket is Red, Inner Jacket is Blue (-) and White (+)
1 pc
Cables & Wires

A variety of cables and wires are used throughout the heat treatment process; either for thermocouples/temperature control or recording, or to supply electrical energy throughout the circuits.

Nickel-Chrome wires and Nickel Cold Tail wire come in rolls of 500m while the Thermocouple Wires, Heater Distribution Cables and Compensating Cables all come in rolls of 100m.

4-bank Nickel-Chrome Iron Wire is supplied with 10pc per set whilst Splitter Cables and Triple Cable Sets are supplied in 1m and 30m lengths respectively.