Product Categories

Heat Treatment Units

Offered at 50kVA or 70kVA, with or without built-in individual programmers, our Heat Treatment Units provide power to electrical resistance heaters (at 65v) that is split into 6 individual heating circuits to enable the individual temperature control of each circuit.

The 50kVA units are sufficient for 3 Flexible Ceramic Pad Heaters per channel, while the 70kVA units are sufficient for 4 Flexible Ceramic Pad Heaters per channel. Each unit has an optional integrated individual programmer.

Temperature Measuring Equipment & Thermocouple Attachment Units

All products in this category are portable and for Thermocouple Type K.

The CHINO-Type E Series Temperature Recorders have 12 channels, a recording range of 0° to 1200°C and optional accessories (Protective Case, Chart Paper, Ink and Ink Pad Case). Chart Papers for SEKONIC and YOKOGAWA B9627AY temperature recorders are also available.

The 6-channel Automatic Programmer allows for precise temperature control during the heat treatment process while our battery-operated Thermocouple Attachment Units are highly portable allowing for convenient applications where required.

Flexible Ceramic Pad Heaters

Modular designs enable our Flexible Ceramic Pad Heaters to be composed in a number of configurations to suit a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Non-standard sizes are also available so please contact us for these bespoke items.

Composed of Nickel-Chrome wire inter-woven throughout the various configurations of Ceramic Beads, Brass Connector Plugs (Male Camlock) are used at the end of the Tail Beads to connect to Heat Treatment Units.

Available in 30v (1.35kW), 40v (1.8kW), 60v (2.7kw) or 80v (3.6kW), the Flexible Ceramic Pad Heaters are suitable for heat treatment of up to 1000°C.

Their flexible structure allows them to be used in either a curved or flat application for the pre- and post-heat treatment of welds. Flexible Ceramic Pad Heaters should be fitted to the component by banding or other secure means. All connectors should also be fully locked.

Ceramic Beads

Ceramic Beads are a vital component used to make Flexible Ceramic Pad Heaters, Channel Heaters and Flexible Insulated Preheaters for the pre- and post-weld heat treatment of welds.

With safety working temperatures of up to 1460°C in the long term and 1580°C in the short term, our 3 ranges of Ceramic Beads come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes (Pink Ceramic Beads, White Ceramic Beads and Special Ceramic Beads) to suit application requirements.

Flexible Ceramic Pad Heaters, Channel Heaters and Flexible Insulated Preheaters are available either assembled or the Ceramic Beads, wires and brass connectors can be purchased separately for self-assembly.

Cables & Wires

A variety of cables and wires are used throughout the heat treatment process; either for thermocouples/temperature control or recording, or to supply electrical energy throughout the circuits.

Nickel-Chrome wires and Nickel Cold Tail wire come in rolls of 500m while the Thermocouple Wires, Heater Distribution Cables and Compensating Cables all come in rolls of 100m.

4-bank Nickel-Chrome Iron Wire is supplied with 10pc per set whilst Splitter Cables and Triple Cable Sets are supplied in 1m and 30m lengths respectively.

Plugs, Sockets & Connectors

Used to connect various components of the heat treatment process for pre- and post-weld applications; connecting the recording or controlling instrumentation within the circuit.

Thermocouple Plugs & Sockets are available for either panel mounted or inline connections as are the wide variety of Brass Connector Camlocks we offer.

Brass Connector Camlocks are available in 300A or 60A and can be purchased as complete sets or as separate components (Connector Brass Body, Connector Insulated Sleeve, Connector Pin).

Insulation Products

Operating at temperatures up to 1260°C, our insulation materials are available fully assembled ready for use or as separate components for selfassembly.

Available in 2 compositions, Superwool® and Ceramic Fibre Blankets are used as a general insulation material and is the main component used to make insulation blankets. Easy to cut and install, they come in 128kg/m3 and 96kg/m3 densities. Other densitites are available upon request.

Stainless Steel Mesh is used to prolong the life of the Insulation Blankets. Supplied in 2 widths (635mm and 300mm), each roll has 30m or 50m of length respectively and can be cut to size as required.

Insulation Blankets are made up of Superwool® Ceramic Fibre Blanket and Stainless Steel Mesh. Available in 9 standard sizes, bespoke sizes are also available upon request.

Heat Treatment Accessories & Spares

To facilitate the heat treatment process, we offer a selection of useful accessories such as Permanent Round Magnets, Copper Shims, Banding Tools, Thermocouple Putty and Ferrules.

Occasionally some components used in the heat treatment process require replacing. Rather than unnecessarily replacing the whole unit, we offer these components as spare parts. Cooling Fans, Electromagnetic Contactors, Energy Regulator and Knob and Rocker Switches are all available.