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CHINO Temperature Recorder Ink Pad Case 12pt

Ink Pad Case for CHINO-Type E Series Temperature Recorder.  To be used with IK0200 Chino Temperature Recorder Ink Bottles.  One section per ink colour.  Easy to remove and replace for refilling

1 pc
Temperature Measuring Equipment & Thermocouple Attachment Units

All products in this category are portable and for Thermocouple Type K.

The CHINO-Type E Series Temperature Recorders have 12 channels, a recording range of 0° to 1200°C and optional accessories (Protective Case, Chart Paper, Ink and Ink Pad Case). Chart Papers for SEKONIC and YOKOGAWA B9627AY temperature recorders are also available.

The 6-channel Automatic Programmer allows for precise temperature control during the heat treatment process while our battery-operated Thermocouple Attachment Units are highly portable allowing for convenient applications where required.