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Thermocouple Wire, Type K, 2 x 0.65mm NiCr/NiSi

The best known and dominant thermocouple wire is the Type K - Grade A, providing accuracy within ±1.5°C.

Two core conductors are insulated by glass fibre twisted together.  With a maximum working temperature of 800°C, this consumable item converts thermal energy at the hot junction of the thermocouple to an electrical mV signal which can then be used by temperature control and recording instruments to accurately record and control the temperature of the item being heat treated.  Each roll has 100m length of wire.

  • Dimensions of Roll: 120 H x 124 W x 124 D mm
  • Length of Wire: 100m
  • Wire Dimensions: 2pc of 1.6mm H x 1.6mm D
  • Weight: 1.4kg
  • Materials: 1 x 0.65mm NiCr and 1 x 0.65mm NiSi (22 & 20 gauge-American Brown & Sharpe Standard)
  • Maximum Working Temperature: 800°C
  • Standards: Conforms with BSEN 60584-2, ASTM E230-1993, ANSI MC96.1-1982, IEC 584-1:1977, IEC 584-2:1982
  • Colour: Red (-) and Yellow (+)
1 pc
Cables & Wires

A variety of cables and wires are used throughout the heat treatment process; either for thermocouples/temperature control or recording, or to supply electrical energy throughout the circuits.

Nickel-Chrome wires and Nickel Cold Tail wire come in rolls of 500m while the Thermocouple Wires, Heater Distribution Cables and Compensating Cables all come in rolls of 100m.

4-bank Nickel-Chrome Iron Wire is supplied with 10pc per set whilst Splitter Cables and Triple Cable Sets are supplied in 1m and 30m lengths respectively.