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Thermocouple Putty

Used to fix over the hot junction of the thermocouple, which is attached to the item being heat treated.  After 20 minutes, the putty dries and hardens to protect the hot junction and help avoid possible short circuits and therefore minimise temperature control and recording errors.

  • Dimensions of Tub: 99 H x 94 W x 94 D mm
  • Weight: 1kg
  • Materials: Clay
  • Colour: Grey
1 pc
Heat Treatment Accessories & Spares

To facilitate the heat treatment process, we offer a selection of useful accessories such as Permanent Round Magnets, Copper Shims, Banding Tools, Thermocouple Putty and Ferrules.

Occasionally some components used in the heat treatment process require replacing. Rather than unnecessarily replacing the whole unit, we offer these components as spare parts. Cooling Fans, Electromagnetic Contactors, Energy Regulator and Knob and Rocker Switches are all available.